Students were engaged with learning through art. 

Day 1 Seeing colors

The science behind how your brain and eyes process the colors you see. The basics of the color wheel and color theory.

Ok Go Color ~ For All Kids Primary Colors

How Do We See Color? Sci Show Kids


Activity- Color wheel and watercolors


Day 2 How do our bodies move?

The science behind the bone and muscle structure of your body. The basic proportions of drawing a person. How do we draw people in motion?

How Do Our Bodies Move?

Your Super Skeleton!

Activity- Simple person front view, and people in motion, draw demonstration sheet. Use the person breakdown and the images from the Tellico Village, things to do, magazine to design your own scene of people on the move. Draw in pencil and go over your work in pen.

Day 3 Retchenka’s Eggs, story reading

Digital demonstration of Ukrainian eggs and their cultural significance by Patricia Polaco

S10E04 Reading Rainbow Rechenka’s Eggs

First 26 minutes is the entire episode


Activity- Design your own plastic egg with sharpies. Begin working on radial symmetry coloring sheet in preparation for tomorrow.

Day 4 Radial Symmetry

What is radial symmetry? Where do we see it in our lives and art? Where do we see radial symmetry in nature?

Radial Symmetry watch first 4:40 only


Activity-Sand mandala activity with plates to contain the sand.

Day 5 Art career feature- Makeup Artists

What is a makeup artist? Who wears basic corrective makeup? What is character makeup? What is special effects makeup? Demonstration of types of makeup, sponges, and tools used by makeup artists and how they are used.

Activity- Using special effects makeup follow the demonstration of the teaching artist by making a bruise, burn, cut, stitches, scrape, and rash on yourself.