Arts Advocacy Connects Our Community

County Mayor Mitch Ingram
Madisonville Mayor Augusta Davis
Blaina Best - Monroe County Tourism
Paul Wilson
Carol Ann Johnson - MACA Education Chair

The Why


MACA is on the Move, and we want you to come with us. Come to the table for lunch but also come to the table to participate as we establish new directions and look for ways to make what we are doing even better.

We all benefit when the cultural life in our community is strong and full of energy, businesses benefit when the community offers their staff and their families a richer more satisfying life. The schools are enriched when students find something that sparks their desire to be present and involved.  For some it is math, for some it is science or history BUT for others it is picking up an instrument and finding they can create music. Music is all math. Think, patterns, fractions, beats and so much more. According to a decade long research study conducted by the University of Kansas, there is a very strong link between music and a student’s math and reading achievement. “If I were a school board, I would want my goal to be the education of the whole mind. And if you eliminate subjects like music, you eliminate the ability to learn others, like math and reading.” (Martin Bergee co-author of this study and music professor at the University of Kansas.)

What sparked YOU? What made you excited to go get up and head to school? Was it baseball or football, OR was it band, choir, art class or the school play??? Did you like to write or design stages or plot football moves?  For some students, the academics are all they need to set their minds humming, but for some students the avenue to reaching them is some form of creative expression. As a community, we owe the children BOTH!

If you have been following MACA this year, you know all the activities we were able to provide, and it’s not just for children. We have also made a commitment to reach the undeserved senior population with a variety of art opportunities held at Coral Veal, Marcella Center, the Methodist Church along with the Plein Air, using the sights of Madisonville for our outdoor event.