MACA Presents King Arthur's Quest

Monroe Area Council for the Arts is celebrating our 24th year of bringing the Missoula Children’s Theatre to the Monroe County area.

King Arthur, of legend and song, strode across Medieval England with courage and confidence…or did he? What if the troubles of his kingdom threatened to overwhelm him? Watch the Damsels in Distress sound the warning of trouble. Witness the Lady of the Lake as she produces the sword in the stone. Hide with the Camelotians when the Ghost of Arthur’s father visits the castle. See the Giant tower over the questing knights. Cheer for the King when he makes friends with the terrible dragon. Listen in as Morgan le Fey and Mordred propose a better plan. Join the Knights and Squires of the Round Table as they try to do the right thing. Hope for the best outcome as your favorite characters of Camelot – Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Taliesin, The Raven, and Lancelot wrestle with the challenges faced by their people. Follow the original twist on this familiar story as it weaves its way through a landscape full of surprises!  

Cast of Characters:


King Arthur – Sera Grube

Guinevere – Avery Yates

Sir Lancelot – Alexis Croy

Merlin – Rory Beoddy

The Raven – Ava Watson

Taliesin – Trent Poe

Uther Pendragon – Jonathan Bohannon

Mordred – Kent Kleiner

Morgan Le Fey – Ellie Lynn

Lady of the Lake – Cassie Barth


The Knights of the Round Table

     Sir Galahad, the White Knight – Matt Lynn

     Sir Dinadan, the Black Knight – Katie Hubbard

     Sir Kay, the Blue Knight – Barrett Fischli

     Sir Yvain, the Red Knight – Dillon Poe

     Sir Gawain, the Green Knight – Liam Smith

     Sir Erec, the Yellow Knight – James Offutt


Damsels of the First Order – Leanne Clement, Joanna Crittenden, Abigail Latella, Audree Stapleton, Kailyn Vestal 


Damsel of the Second Order – Sidney Randle


Camelotians – The Citizens of Camelot – Samantha Barth, John Clark, Sadie Clark, Tyson Clement, Addilee Crittenden, Emily Deaton, Bentley Meyers, Bella Milsaps, Ava Rapking, William Warwick, Mabry Watson


The Minis – Audrey Ambrosetti, Audriana Best, Carolina Crittenden, Julia Kleiner, Loganne Lynn, Huck Roy, Adeline Stapleton, Conor Warwick


Accompanist – Jason Crowder


Thank you to our sponsors!

This project is supported in part by the Arts and Culture Alliance and the National Endowment for the Arts