Students were engaged with learning through theatre.

Day 1 Mimes and Pantomimes- Acting Without Words

Video examples of how animators use mime and pantomime to create short scenes that can be appreciated by multiple cultures and multiple languages. Professional mimes in action and step by step on beginning mime techniques

Animation Examples

For the Birds- Pixar

Intro to Up-Pixar

Mimes in Action

Mime – ET the Mime – The Car

Apply Acting Techniques

Creative Arts Theatre – Let’s Play – Mime Basics


Activity- Draw your own mime face design on the face sheet side and front profile.  Transfer your design with black Sharpie to the white mask.


Day 2 Puppet design and costume design

Video example of how a costume designer arrived at his occupation and the skills needed to be a good costume designer. Virtual tour of a Ukrainian puppet theatre.

Ukraine: Puppets – Travel Kids in Europe

Working in Theatre: Costume Designer

Activity- Used the character sheet to consider what type of character you would like to create.  Human or animal Happy, sad, angry What three colors best define your character? Use these ideas on a hat or mask to best create a character and mood.


Day 3 Reader’s Theatre- North Wind and Yellow Sun

This reader’s theatre is a story that also teaches a lesson (fables and folk tales) What are stories we know that teach a lesson?  Instruments are passed out. Each student gets a set of bells to ring for yellow sun and an egg to shake for north wind. Practice with a teacher read aloud of the script and allow students to use the instruments on key words. Assign roles, practice, and perform North Wind and Yellow Sun

Day 4 Reader’s Theatre- The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

This reader’s theatre is a story that also has a twist on a common children’s tale. What are some stories from your childhood?

Video of the author reading his story.


Notice how he uses pitch of his voice and tone to tell a story. Think of how you can add inflection in your voice to make your character more interesting when you read the script. Assign roles and distribute scripts. Choose black lace masks to use and keep. Practice and perform The True Story of the Three Little Pigs

Extra instruments are in the instruments bucket to use in the class performance (choose instruments and cue words as a group to add extra effects)

 Day 5 Paper mâché and watercolors- final independent project

Video examples of performances with diverse costumes and characters

Activity- Paper mâché mask and watercolors. Make a mask using all that you have learned and your own creativity. No specific prompt for this task. Don’t be afraid to be very creative, even use found materials to enhance your character.


Extra Theatre Week Resources 

“Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” (Full Performance 1080p HD)

Virtual Viewing: Disney Cruise Line’s ‘Tangled: The Musical’

What It Is Like To Work At A Disney Park

What It’s Like To Star In A Broadway Musical