Historical Murals

Monroe Area Council for the Arts (MACA) is working with Local Artists to create a historical mural for the following locations: Building A – 205 B Tellico Street, Madisonville, TN (side wall facing Main Street), Building B – 228 Warren Street, Madisonville, TN (side wall facing Main Street), Building C – 186 Warren Street, Madisonville, TN (side wall facing Smith Street).


Project description: MACA will use TN Arts Commission grant funds to hire local artists to design and paint historical murals at three locations in downtown Madisonville.


Project timeline:
October 2022 – Announcement of artists chosen to complete murals
Artists will sign a Memo of Understanding with MACA
November 2022 – Artists will submit supply/paint list to MACA
January 2023 – Buildings will be prepped and primed
Artists will submit their timeline for mural completion
February 2023 – MACA will work with Local Archivist to create a brochure about the historical importance for each building’s mural
Artists will submit their information to MACA for the brochure
June 2023 – MACA will “unveil” the completed murals, recognize the artists, TAC, and local partners
Mural brochure will be available for purchase (proceeds go to the upkeep of the murals)


Artwork goals: MACA desires to enhance the local community with original historical works of art created by local artists. Each of the buildings chosen for the project have prominence in the downtown area. The murals will improve the physical attraction to downtown Madisonville. The historical meaning of the murals will promote local culture. MACA hopes to create such energy with this project that the entire community will be connected through the art.


Historical Resource: Contact Jo Stakely 423-420-0910 jo.stakely@monroetn.com


The MACA Board of Directors will announce the artist, per mural location, by October 15, 2022.

205 B Tellico Street

228 Warren Street

186 Warren Street